National Hispanic Environmental Council

On behalf of the National Hispanic Environmental Council (NHEC), welcome to our website.  I invite you to learn more about the mission, goals, and key programs of NHEC - the only national Latino environmental and natural resource organization in the country.

NHEC is a policy, programmatic, and advocacy organization.   Fundamentally, we work to ensure that Latinos have a voice, and a seat, at the national environmental decision-making table, whether before federal agencies, the White House, Congress, major green groups, or others.  

While NHEC is active in a number of states and local communities across the country, our primary efforts are at the national level, in Washington, D.C.   We believe this national-level focus is particularly important, given the dramatic population increase of our community over the last ten years, coupled with the ever-growing range of environmental issues that impact Hispanic Americans.     

Over the years, one particular area of concentration for NHEC has been “opening the doors of opportunity” – in every way -- for Latinos in federal environmental policies, programs, and personnel.   We consider this vital, given there are over 20 large federal agencies and departments with major responsibilities for our nation’s energy, environmental, and natural resource arenas.  In addition, Federal environmental laws, regulations, policies and programs are many and cross-cutting, with a sweeping, daily impact on all Americans, but especially Latinos.   

Given this, NHEC has invested, and will continue to invest, considerable time, effort, and resources to accomplish our mission of “opening the doors” for our community.   Doing so will ensure that Latinos are not simply victims of the negative aspects of the environment, such as environmental justice, but rather can also reap the innumerable and positive economic, educational, recreational, and wellness benefits that come from preserving our environment, protecting our natural resources, and safeguarding our public health.     

From climate change to environmental justice, from environmental education to green jobs for our youth, from environmental health issues to increasing Latino diversity at federal environmental agencies, and from policy analysis to active advocacy, NHEC seeks to be a strong voice for Latinos before our national policy-makers.   We inform, educate, and engage our community and others; help further environmental stewardship among Latinos; and in general, work to fulfill our long established credo  “…..because it’s our environment too”.   

Thank you for your support, and we invite you to join us in our work.   

Roger Rivera,
President, NHEC

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